Letting your priorities be your top priority

If you are anything like me, you consider other people’s business way more important than your own. I tend to put off tasks that lead to my goals if I have other stuff to ”get through first”. The other stuff seems far more important than my goals simply because my goals and dreams are still just in my head, and thus cannot possibly be important. I used to struggle with this a lot. For years I had a tendency to put off pursuing my dreams simply because I didn’t prioritize them enough. Today, I’m sharing with you how I changed that.


It all starts with self-love. Acknowledge that your dreams and goals are just as important as all the other stuff. Maybe even more important. At least they should be. After all it’s your life.

A few years ago, in a time in my life when everything felt as if it was up in the air and nothing was really certain, I found a worksheet online. It had a lot of questions, and it took me hours to fill out. The biggest revelation though came right at the beginning. There were three questions in particular that I still ask myself today from time to time. Here goes:

1: If money was not an option, you knew with absolute certainty that everyone you look up to and care for would support you, and you were guaranteed to succeed: what would you be doing tomorrow? How about next week, month or even a year from now?


2: What is keeping you from doing those things right now?


3: Picture your funeral at the end of your life. Who do you want to be there? What would you like them to say about you?
If you died today, right this instance, what do you think people will actually say at your funeral?


That last question in particular can be kind of a wakeup call. At least it was for me. For others it may have to be bigger. Maybe a relative’s death, or a friend’s accident. At some point though, we all have things happen to us that puts life in perspective. Without getting too deep: We have only got this one life. This one chance. When you think about it: What’s there to lose? Really? At least for me, I decided that day that I have more to lose by not going for my dreams than if I do.

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