About me

If you know me, you know that I do a lot of different things. And I mean a lot. Since high school I’ve never just done one thing. I’ve always down multiple things at once. At some points in my life that suited me very well. Generally, I like having lots to do. I like feeling like I’m important and that I somehow contribute to people’s lives. Also, I need money to live. At times in my life, these two needs haven’t really been as compatible as I would like them to be. Not everything that I’ve done has been a success. At least not financially.

I’ve been broke. I’ve had to beg my mom for money I knew I couldn’t pay her back. And thus, I’ve had jobs on top of studying at college and running my own business. I started my first business when I was 19. Was it hard? Yes. Did I hit a wall at some point? Of course. All the time.

When I first started out, I knew practically nothing about how to be an entrepreneur. Some would also say that I didn’t even have the necessary expertise to start the business that I did. I started a local dance studio. I didn’t have any formal dance education. I hadn’t been dancing non-stop since I could walk. I hadn’t even finished a whole year of dance classes. I just loved to dance, and I loved to teach. And I knew that if future generations were to learn dance at a higher level than me, and maybe have the chance of becoming professionals at some point (something I would never be able to do) someone had to start a dance studio. So I did. No fears, I simply jumped in.

My second year of entrepreneurship. Things were definitely going my way. Photo: Vidar Herre

I’ve learnt a lot along the way. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs along the way, and I’ve met quite a few walls. Some small, some big, and one really huge that took me months to climb. The past two years things have changed though. After said giant wall, I knew I needed to slow down. And in some ways I did. I started going through my life discarding anything that didn’t give me joy (and this was before Marie Kondo, mind you!). I don’t mean physical things though. I mean activities, jobs, friendships, relationships, but more importantly: the need to do it all.

Ironically, this is when people started to realize that I had a lot to do, and after a while, some people in my life where starting to ask me how I managed it all. Some people also started telling me I needed to slow down. That I was going too fast and I might crash soon. They didn’t know I had already slowed down. A lot. I’m not normally a person who takes other peoples’ opinion of me too serious. Still, something about what they said stuck with me, and I started to revise my life at the moment. Did I really do as much as people though I did? Why didn’t it feel like I was as busy as these people seemed to think I was? I counted my responsibilities, and was surprised to find that the amount of things I did on a regular basis (my business, studying, part-time job, volunteering at my church, being the creative leader of a dance company for students etc.etc.) actually matched the amount of things I did prior to the giant wall -thing. I was stunned.

Same girl as above. Blonder, older, wiser, but still the same.

If I had the same amount of responsibilities now as before the giant wall, why was I feeling like my life was so chill and balanced? And why did people think I was stressing when I actually wasn’t? The answers I found, turned into a notebook of reflection notes. Last fall they also turned into a course for students at my university on how to pass your exams with a minimum of effort. And now, my answers have turned into a blog. My hope is that my experience may help someone else in achieving their goals. Still, I’m only a person, and I still have a lot to learn. My second hope for this blog therefore, is that people who stop by, also share their wisdom with me.
If you are here for the first time, please tell me your story in the comments. I would be honoured.